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Filming in DMV

Fyreburn is the story of the Starling kids on a race to save their parents after a worldwide catastrophic event that blinds all adults, forcing the kids to navigate diverse challenges and confront unconventional characters as they have to traverse the beautiful and dangerous road home.

This is a TV series targeted respectfully to the creativity and intelligence of modern kids. Kids are developing apps, writing music, competing in the olympics, and most are overcoming difficult challenges in their lives that previous generations could never imagine. The characters will have to solve real problems, resolve thought provoking moral dilemmas and have to actually sing for their supper.
The Fyreburn visual esthetic challenges conventional conformity. This highly stylized world was created to express the beauty and enthusiasm of youth; think fashion Walking Dead for Nickelodeon.

Fyreburn is currently in pre-production. We will be shooting the trailer/sizzle reel in Chantilly, VA area in the near future. Most on a single day of filming, with some additional filming at an alternative locations.

Visually Interesting Cosplayers | Equipment | Locations

Featured/extras for family-friendly TV Show Pilot
We need 'clans' of teenagers (8-18) and adults (18+) in work attire. (suits & uniform (i.g. visually interesting: police, fireman, construction worker etc) Adults will play 'fyreburnt". More information

Visually interesting Equipment
Cafe racers, vintage cars, unique sports cars, military tough vehicles are critical to the visual look. The test is simple, post disaster would you want to "borrow" it? ;)

Filming locations
The selected locations will generally look:
A) "post apocalyptic" appearing to be worn down, distressed, overgrown. (example)
B) "Natural"appearing to be uninhabited, forest and large open fields. (example)
C) "Community" to sing around a bonfire (example) (diagram)

See below for some visual reference material via Pinterest.

contact us

If you are interested in featuring your visually interesting locations, equipment or cosplay characters, please contact us via or click here.
In addition to sending us your details, please see the Facebook group for casting for ongoing information.
Via Email please provide the following:
List of cosplay characters:
Preferred social media account links that feature your previous cosplay characters:
If you are interested in mashup characters:
Parents permission will be required for all minors.

Though there is no pay, the day will be well catered. In consideration we will provide film credit, access to our 5K Red Dragon filmed footage shot by our Emmy Award winning cinematographer and stills for your portfolio, Instagram and Social Media.

Please let us know if you have any questions at

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